Introduction to Systems Theory

Introduction to Bowen Theory: Lunchtime Reading and Discussion Group

The Introduction to Bowen Theory reading and discussion group is a 6-session lunchtime group which provides an overview of Bowen Family Systems Theory. This group is open to anyone and is a great way to understand some of the underlying Bowen’s ideas about human relationships and the dilemmas we find ourselves in as well as unpacking the 8 concepts of the theory. Reading material is provided and there is open discussion and question and answer time each session. Find out more information about the Introduction to Bowen Theory group. 

What do the Systems in Ministry programs offer?

1. Theory

Online modules provide an understanding of Bowen Family Systems Theory while guided reading introduce ministry-oriented literature to extend thinking about the ministry contexts.

2. Ministry Application

Supervision groups contribute a rich collaborative learning environment providing the opportunity to consider the application of theory to ministry situations with peers and faculty staff

3. Personal Development

Understanding yourself, your own functioning and your own relational habits creates a level of self-awareness that helps navigate some of the pastoral and personal dilemmas faced in ministry