Theory & Supervision Groups


Systems in Ministry
Theory & Supervision Groups


Develop your understanding of human interactions through participation in a Systems in Ministry Theory and Supervision (TAS) group. Our goal is to create an enriching learning environment through informative pre-reading, which will be discussed in collaborative sessions where ministry scenarios are considered and reflected upon with a systems lens.

Who Should Join?

If you are involved in any form of ministry and aspire to enhance your understanding of yourself and human interactions, TAS groups are tailor-made for you.

Immerse yourself in learning, share experiences, and discover the relevance of Bowen Family Systems Theory to your ministry. Engage in thoughtful discussions and explore the congruence and incongruence of the theory with Biblical teaching.


  • Six lunchtime sessions of 1.5 hours via Zoom.
  • Small group setting with five supervisees and one supervisor who has a well-developed understanding of Bowen Family Systems Theory and is a Christian.
  • Cost $395+GST – which includes pre-reading materials and access to a Google Classroom.
  • Structured 90-minute meetings: 45 minutes of theoretical engagement and 45 minutes of pastoral supervision.
  • Each participant will present a ministry scenario for supervision on one occasion. The scenario presented will allow the group to reflect on the situation through a systems lens.
  • Strict codes of confidentiality will apply.


  • Participating in the TAS group will expand your knowledge and help you to consider your ministry from a new perspective alongside other people with similar goals.
  • Exposure to a broad range of Christian Systems thinkers through a variety of readings.
  • A TAS group will count as 9 hours of Required Prior Learning, contributing towards Core Program requirements.

Dates for 2024

GROUP 3: Tuesdays 12pm-1:30pm – July 2, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 22, 19 November

Max 6 people in each group – or if you have a group of 5-6 people, contact the FSI to organise an independent SIM Theory and Supervision Group


What do the Systems in Ministry programs offer?

1. Theory

Online modules provide an understanding of Bowen Family Systems Theory while guided reading introduce ministry-oriented literature to extend thinking about the ministry contexts.

2. Ministry Application

Supervision groups contribute a rich collaborative learning environment providing the opportunity to consider the application of theory to ministry situations with peers and faculty staff

3. Personal Development

Understanding yourself, your own functioning and your own relational habits creates a level of self-awareness that helps navigate some of the pastoral and personal dilemmas faced in ministry