Annual Conference

The FSI’s 20th Annual Conference was an exploration into the way different theories and models think about the concept of emotion and how this shapes ideas about the role of the therapist and clinical practice.

Katie White (Living Systems, Vancouver) presented a Bowen theory informed approach and Kim Taylor (Spirited Life, Berry) presented an Emotionally Focused Therapy approach to the same case study, providing an overview of their respective model’s theories and hypotheses about the case, and videoed role plays of working with this case in clinical practice.

The full keynote presentations are now available as part of the conference delayed stream package, which also includes recordings of the following workshops:

  • Parent-Child Conflict – when negative emotions take centre stage (Jenny Brown)
  • The Emotional Process: exploring the professional contribution to the change process from a Bowen Family Systems Theory perspective (Katherine Burke)
  • The Emotional System and Chronic Pain (Jane Cooper)
  • Emotional Regulation in Marital Conflict – a comparison of The Gottman Method and Bowen Theory (Craig Foster)
  • How Lizards Can Teach Us About Pair Bonds and Parental Care (Dr Lynea Witczak Oldfather)
  • The Dance of Supervision: Thinking About Emotional Process in Bowen Theory Supervision (Meg Cook)
  • Exploring Emotional Process Through Some Classic TV Moments (Emma Surridge and Lisa Newling)

Don’t miss this opportunity to access the full package of this conference and hear from the range of speakers about the idea of emotion and emotional process in relationships.


Download Workshop Abstracts and Bio’s here 

Meet our Keynote Speakers

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor is a counsellor and psychotherapist and is registered as a clinical member of PACFA. Kim commenced her counselling training through the St Marks Diploma of Christian Counselling and then continued toward a Graduate Diploma in Counselling at UNE and then pursued a Graduate Diploma in Emotion Focused Therapy at the Annandale Institute. Kim has 17 years of experience in working with individuals and couples on a range of mental health issues in the public, private sectors of mental health care, community health and church-based settings.

Over the past 8 years, Kim has become more specialised in trauma working with adult survivors of childhood trauma including sexual, emotional, physical and spiritual abuse, neglect and abandonment. Kim has trained and facilitated residential adult trauma recovery programs at Heal For Life, Cessnock NSW. She is currently in private practice in Berry on the south coast of NSW.

Kim utilises an emotionally focused therapy modality predominantly in her work and is interested in the combination of EFT and trauma-informed care for both individuals and couples.

Katie White

Katherine (Katie) White is a Marriage and Family Therapist registered in the US and Canada.  She has been working with individuals, couples and families in schools, clinics, and non-profit centers for 20 years in the US, Australia and Canada. Katie did her training in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) at Arizona State University.

In 2010, Katie began focusing her practice using Bowen Family Systems Theory and has attended the Post-Graduate Program at the Bowen Center.  Katie is currently the Executive Director of Living Systems, a non-profit organization in Vancouver Canada which focuses on Bowen Theory in its training and counselling practice. Katie teaches and supervises interns at Living Systems, as well as managing a private practice in Vancouver.

Bowen Theory has made a difference in the work Katie has done in her own family, client work and leadership, she believes everyone can benefit from thinking more systemically.

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