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About Family of Origin Coaching

“A 3-4 generational family diagram/genogram is used as a way of mapping family history and looking for patterns and emotionally laden themes…

The coach helps the coachee to identify gaps in knowledge, as highlighted by the family diagram and hypothetical questions are used to explore what process is likely to ensue if the client is to get to know each family member better. When an understanding of the systems way of dealing with anxiety about relationship attachments is achieved, they are encouraged to plan brief steps of contacting family members and subsequently observing and listening to them in a research minded way. This information is brought back to therapy/coaching and further hypotheses are developed about the role the person plays in the system, what a less reactive role would look like and what might be the reactions of others to any changes they may make. The individual focuses their thought and effort on changing the way they relate in their family, not on trying to change others…

The coaching effort aims to assist the client to work at being able to maintain their objective thinking, whilst in the midst of a tumultuous emotional family situation, yet still being able to stay in contact with family members.” 

– Brown J, 2008

Individual Family of Origin Coaching

Family of origin coaching is a unique opportunity to think about the application of Bowen Family Systems Theory in your own life and family, observing relationship patterns and directing efforts to take responsibility for your own role and responsibilities in your multigenerational family system. 

As a training institution, the FSI’s efforts are in learning pathways and group programs, and individuals seeking their own family of origin coaching are encouraged to make use of our family systems practitioners list to find a suitable family systems coach and make contact with them directly. 

Find the list of family systems practitioners here.

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